29 Bizarre Forbidden Places

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Who doesn't have a bucket list of places to see before shuffling off this mortal coil? Maybe your goal is to check the box on famous tourist landmarks in places like France, England or Europe, or perhaps you'd rather go off the beaten path (Outer Mongolia, anyone?). If you're the latter type, it's harder and harder to find those obscure and out-of-the-way places that haven't been totally exploited by tourism especially in this day and age of the Internet. That's why there's something delicious about discovering secret -- and maybe forbidden! -- destinations. It's like going behind a rope at a museum or sneaking through a hole in a fence.

Would you believe that in fact, some places in the world exist that you absolutely can NOT visit? These off-limits places around the world might be protected by the military or private security. Sometimes they're prohibited for your own protection, like the wild Brazilian island full of snakes whose venom could DISSOLVE YOUR FLESH. Sometimes they're so wild and far-flung, they're impossible to get to anyway. No matter how tempting it might be to try, these places are restricted to either just a few people, or even nobody at all. Want to visit Moscow's underground railroad, Area 51 or the painted caves in France? Well, ya can't, sorry. You'll need an invitation to get into Club 33 at Disneyland or the CIA museum. You can't even hike up Chichen Itza anymore, dangit. Now read on for our definitive list of the most forbidden locations around the world! Get Started