27 Hilarious Airport Photos That Got Me. They Got Me So Good.

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These photos are unreal.

If you are on this website, you probably like to travel. And if you like to travel, you have probably been to the airport a time or two. So, you know that being at the airport is pretty much a miserable experience for everyone. Ah, yes. From the overly strict rules at TSA for going through security clearance, to the airplane tickets that are way too expensive, to being boarded onto the plane like cattle, to delays and cancellations that ruin all of your plans... there's almost always something wrong just waiting to happen at the airport.

But somehow, these hilarious photos make it seem just a bit better... or maybe just a bit worse. We think they are pretty funny, personally, and we've honestly found some of the best photos out there. You will definitely be asking yourself how any of these people made it through security clearance, or you'll be thankful the next time you get on a plane and get to sit by a perfectly normal human being instead of a loon. Either way, these hilarious photos sort of sum up the entire airport experience. Which one of these pictures from the airport is your favorite? Get Started