31 Hilarious Hotel Design Disasters

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They said it had a view. Not of WHAT.

When you make reservations at a hotel, you expect some basic levels of cleanliness, comfort and professionalism (usually based on how expensive or not the place is, but heck, even Motel 6 promises to leave the light on for you). For some travelers, however, all that has gone straight out a window that overlooks a Dumpster in an alley. These poor wayward souls just wanted a decent bed to sleep on and some privacy, but instead they got a view into their fellow traveler's room next door, or even better, their bathroom. Some hotel rooms take convenience to the next level, with the bathroom actually IN the bedroom. It's only steps to pee, then back to bed. What could be better?

Well, I'll tell you. How about a room that promised a view, but when you open the curtain, there's no window at all? What about the place that seemed to have a luxurious, roomy fitness center -- only to mock you in real life with four walls of mirrors and a treadmill that doesn't work? Sometimes it is the amenities that turn out to be annoying, like a coffee maker with a cord too short to reach the outlet, or strangely disturbing art on the walls. Whatever it is, you know they wouldn't put up with this design ish at the Ritz.

So next time you head out for your next business trip or vacation, make sure you do ALL your research, or you might end up at one of these design-hell hotels. You've been warned! Get Started