27 Hilariously Weird Hotel Room Requests

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People are so demanding, aren't they?

The hotel industry is all about hospitality, making you feel as comfortable during your stay as you would be at home. Actually, they want you to have it even BETTER than you do at home, so you'll come back write that great Yelp review. After all, you're probably on a fun vacation or maybe a business trip away from the kids that you're going to do your darndest to enjoy. At least get some sleep, for crying out loud. This is why hotels will try their best to accommodate your requests. We've all asked for extra pillows or blankets at some point during a hotel stay. Maybe you'd like some pancakes sent up in the morning, or a 5 a.m. wake-up call? Just dial the front desk!

Things get a little crazy though, when hotel guests take their requests a little too far. Some of these folks are just having fun, maybe trolling the hotel staff a little when they ask for framed photos of Nic Cage or Jeff Goldblum on the nightstand, or towels in funny animal shapes. OK, we get it. Sometimes the hotel will even oblige. But Morgan Freeman narrating your meeting with penguins upon your arrival? Or setting up your custom fish pedicure? Hmm. Still other guests would only stay in yellow rooms or insisted on a new room because of the sun's angle on their aura. These requests are just nuts, right?

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